Friday, October 16, 2015

Potter Party

Last night we attended our first Harry Potter party.  Merrill and Mayla didn't go and the girls haven't really watched the movies or read the books yet but it was still really fun.  We started at April Judd's and our wands picked us and then we went through platform 9 3/4 and we were sorted by the sorting had and had a quiddich game.  We then went to Royce's for the feast.  I made chili and butter beer floats.  And I have to say I make really good butter beer.  I hear in the park it is just butterscotch soda but that's not how I imagined the taste of butter beer.  So I made my own and it is amazing.

I dressed as Draco Malfoy and the girls and Clint just as wizard and witches.  It was a lot of fun.

In other news Mayla is just about walking.  Her legs are getting really strong and she can squat up and down.  She is also really smart.  Right now she is playing with my phone trying to plug it in to the charger.  Kids notice things you don't even realize they notice.  She also loves to color.  She gets anything to write with and scribbles on anything she can.  She can actually hold a pen pretty well too.   She says "mama" and "dad" and loves to point and clap and wave.  She loves our cats a lot and zeb lets her pull and yank on her.

Merrill is feeling better today.  I got him a great spiderman costume at savers and he is so happy.  I can't figure out if he is actually into super heros or if he is just doing what other kids do but he is super cute.

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