Thursday, November 12, 2015

We bought a house!

We bought a house in Riverton.  I am hoping we move in the first week of December but I have been assured that is a pipe dream but I am sending that hope to the universe in hopes it can still happen.  I really don't want to move around Christmas.  Every day I spend in this tiny house the more I get excited to move.  It is just down the road close to 12300 south.  We can still be close to Kay and our friends.  We are thinking we will live there for 2 years and then move back to our new home.  I am working on started developing this property in the spring so I really hope we can make that happen.

Our new house is over 4000 square feet and it is fully finished.  We will have lots of room to spread out.  It has every thing we wanted except a powder room but the trade off is totally worth it.  We will have an amazing master suite which was super important to us.  We also have a great laundry room and a wonderful kitchen!! Yay!

The rest of October.

We still don't have a computer so I haven't been able to post as often as I would like.
The week after the Potter Party I took the kids to Disneyland for a really quick trip so we could see Disney all decked out for Halloween.  We went on a Tuesday morning and came home Wednesday  night.  We even rented a car.  The kids loved it.  We brought the money they had been saving in their bank.  Merrill got a buzz light year doll which he regretted like 15 minutes after.  I knew he would and tried to tell him but he wants everything he sees.  He saw some cars he really wanted but he had to learn a hard lesson.  Scarlett got some cool ears.  Eva got an Elsa and Anna doll.  I am also getting them a charm each time we go for a necklace.  It was fun but too crazy and fast.

During the weekend Clint and I went to California for Kimi's 40th birthday.  I flew out Friday afternoon and Clint came Saturday morning.  He ended up taking the kids to Kay's Halloween party.  Originally Michelle was going to take our kids but plans changed so Clint stayed home.  It was a fun weekend.  We sat by the pool, ate good food, had a dance party.  It was too short.  We did eat at Crab Cooker which was awesome. 

The night before Halloween we went to the Garth Brooks concert.  It was such a great night.  He put on a great show.  We went with Jenner, Kimi, Alyssia, Shane, Kevin and Hayley.  We went to the 10:30 show because he had an earlier show at 7.  It actually didn't get started until 1130 and we got home at 3.  It was amazing.  He played all of his hits and some others like Amarillo by George Strait and The Piano Man by Billy Joel.  Trisha Yearwood sang a few songs too.  I sang at the top of my lungs the whole time.  We danced and screamed and my voice was sore and my ears were ringing the next day.  I want to go again!!!

Halloween was fun.  Scarlett was Ariel, Eva a mummy, Merrill was Rocket Racoon, and Mayla was a Bee.  Natalie and Joe brought their boys and we just went around the horseshoe with the neighborhood kids.  Heber and Gabe were Giants players.  I will have to post a picture.  It was a pretty warm night too. 
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